(a project on halted architectural works)

The act of creating and manifesting an idea is one of the human beings’ unique dreams that is always alive and found within human history. This phenomenon manifests itself within architecture in the form of a space. A space that is constantly interacting with humans. The “Anent” project is a media expression of architectural projects designed and partly made. However, doomed to be halted due to minor conditions.
This presentation includes the processing of an architectural work with its surrounding topics in various stages presented as a new project through various media.

///Paadmaan projects and Green Lab in collaboration with Emrooz gallery.
Curators: Foad Alijani and Marjan Jelveh
With attachment of architectural works by Mahshid Hadad & Elham Motamedi, Ali Ghoroghi, Mobasher Niqui

December 18-28, 2020
Opening: December 18, 11 AM – 7 PM
Open everyday except for national holidays,
Tuesdays & Fridays (Other than Opening events)
No. 324, Farshid Alley (No. 3), Second Abshar St., Esfahan, Iran.

/// Artist Talk
On the sidelines of the exhibition, a free conversation session was held between the project curators and artists and invited guests at Emrooz Gallery.