Circumvolution is a presentation based project exploring moving image, organized by Paadmaan projects and [SHIFT:ibpcpa]. This exchange focuses on the experience of imaginary, using the video-art as a medium. The project provides communication development of artists between different cultures and presenting its artworks as a way to considering ideas surrounding of the various perception.

Vernissage: February 10, 2020, 6:30pm-8pm///February 11th – 13th, 11am-5pm
Live performance: February 10, 7:30pm
West Court Edinburgh College of Art, The University of Edinburgh, Old College, South Bridge, Edinburgh, EH8 9YL.

Artists: Alma Sinai, Arash Mirhadi, Humle Rosenkvist, Milad Forouzande, Rebecca Salvadori, Shouka Karimi, Tosia Bargiełowska Johnsen.

In collaboration with:
University of Edinburgh
Edinburgh College of Art 

Milad Forouzande /// Prologue_version_02

This project as a kind of foresight and collective review intends to attend to gene promotion in various biological species.
This would be a kind of preparation and endeavor to create a platform for describing and portraying new species with mutated genes. ~ 3 channel video installation ~

Tosia Bargiełowska Johnsen /// RHYTHM (performance)

RHYTHM is a movement practice which takes as its first premise that bodily engagement with music is essential for comprehending grooves. It is not through the intellect or though mere listening that one can experience rhythm fully. Pulsations in music happen at various frequencies. Each tempo gives possibility for a different type of movement. At Circumvolution, I asked two other performers, Sophia Lycouris and Ayshia Taskin, to join me in adopting a different tempo (4:2:1 ratio) and to follow the rhythm. Interested in the concept of togetherness – its practice and performance – I invite the ‘audience’ through body language alone to let the grooves spread in the room. Something organic and profound begins to surface. No video or photograph can capture it. In the near future, RHYTHM will be attempted in different tempos and spaces, with different music and performers.


Alma Sinaei /// The ideas in my works stem from a personal and interpersonal realm, but they speak out to different individuals and communities that undergo abrupt and suspended situations. While navigating among different narratives, my works negotiate the uncertain status and the constant state of hovering and flux taking place in their subject’s surrounding.

Arash Mirhadi /// We born, we walk, and if we are lucky we die on a beautiful day.

Humle Rosenkvist /// The loop reflects itself, the image reflects a mirror, the mirror reflects a person.

Rebecca Salvadori /// In Salvadori’s new video “Empathy” the author removes the sound completely, immersing the viewer in a deep space of silence. Silence is like another dimension that gives birth to the personal empathy for everyone. Four scenes with close-ups of friends shot by Salvadori describe her empathy towards these people. Displaying their replicas in subtitles, the author creates or re-invents the existence of silence and speech.

Shouka Karimi /// It is the thought that brings us. The thought of a garden brings us to the garden. The thought of a shop brings us to the shop. However, within these thoughts is a secret deception. Have you never gone to a certain place thinking it would be good, only to find disappointment? These thoughts then are like a shroud, and within that shroud someone is hidden. The day reality draws you and the shroud of thought disappears, there will be no disappointment. Then you will see reality as it is, and nothing more. … In reality that which draws is a single thing. (Rumi, Fihi ma fihi)