///Eros is an artistic exchange project between Eye’s Walk Digital Festival and Paadmaan projects.

We, Eye’s Walk Digital Festival and Paadmaan projects, believe that modern society is largely characterized by denial, confrontation, and differences. Our stance is affirmative and constructive. Eye’s Walk Digital Festival draws inspiration from the poetry of Meleager from the 1st century BC:

“Bird-lime your kiss, Timarion,
your eyes are fire!
If you look at me—you burn,
If you touch—
You have caught me fast.”*
Meleager, 1st century BC, Greek poet, Greek Anthology V, 96**

We recognize Eros and the excitement it brings as an opening to life and society. Eros is a shared communion that rushes forth loudly in all directions, always revealing.

Titled Eros, our project aims to initiate an artistic dialogue among artists from Greece, Iran, Ireland, Germany, and the USA. The first part takes place in Tehran and the second in Athens. We believe it is time for everyone to express themselves.

Because Eros is an act where words have the power to change people, it is an act of joining, sharing—an act before death and while we are still alive.

The project focuses on fostering “osmosis” between artists from diverse backgrounds and communities. By shedding light on common and significant issues, we aim to challenge international dialogue between people and ideas.

*We thank Mr. Standis Apostolidis for the English translation.
** Meleager (1st century BC, b. Gadara [now Umm Qais, Jordan]), Greek poet who compiled the first large anthology of epigrams. This collection was part of what is known as the Greek anthology. Meleager’s own poems are meticulously crafted and cleverly address amorous themes; they had considerable influence on the epigrams written during the Roman Empire. He lived in Tyre and, in old age, on the Aegean island of Cos. [Encyclopedia Britannica].

Curator: Filia Milidaki

Artists: Andrew Duggan (Ireland), Angelina Voskopoulou (Greece), David Ian Bickley (Ireland), Johannes C. Gerard (Germany), Katina Bitsicas (UK)

In collaboration with:
Eye’s Walk Digital Festival
Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports
Hellenic Tourism Organisation [EOT]
Europe For Festivals, EFFE Label 2019-2020
Black Box Art Center