///Tehran-São Paulo

Tehran-São Paulo is an exchange between Iranian and Brazilian artists based in the two cities organized by Paadmaan Projects. It focuses on the transformations sought through the exchange of artists, art productions and artistic methodologies. The project practices, from one cultural context to another, provide artistic communication to support the development of the dialogue approach between the artists of these two cities.
São Paulo and Tehran are the large, enthusiastic and interesting cities. Lots of different cultures living together in both of them. They are also lands of opportunities, important financial and cultural centers. Nowadays, big cities are places to meet artists who think art as part of the environment, part of the life and the city. These video-art selections from Tehran and São Paulo-based artists form a brief list of what artists from diverse social and cultural backgrounds have been creating in these vast megalopolis.
There are so many tracks to reach in Tehran and São Paulo, so many ways to walk across the cities, and there are many more that don’t take us very far. Observation, experimentation, simplicity of gesture are the focus of the works selected for this first meeting. The selected artists are interested in using video as a possible support for their multidisciplinary work. There are a multitude of post-production resources, but there are also the idea, the critic, the act, the performance of the artist and the cities.

(Text by Foad Alijani and Ivi Brasil, curators)

Artists: Amir Farsijani, Azin Shahriyari , Clara de Cápua, Caíque Poi, Gabriel Pessoto, Hamed Dehqan, Jp Accacio, Luanna Jimenes, Luiz83, Rouzbeh Akhbari, Sahar Te, Shaghayegh Kamyar

Tehran – Platform 3, October 11 to 17 of 2019.
São Paulo – Lona Gallery, October 17 to 19 of 2019.