/// Video Performances – Collection No. 1

This collection is the selected videos from Paadmaan Video Event archive. The event emphasizes video in the context of the art documentation, while addressing the challenges embedded within the so-called ‘documentation’ of contemporary art projects.
Video performances can be considered a form of documentation that functions independently as a work of art. In fact, many artists sometimes prefer to produce a video performance instead of performing and documenting it, in which case they are also considered video art.

Artists: Kate Donnelly (USA), Greg Leshé (USA), Tarlan Lotfizadeh (Iran), Mohamed Shawki (Egypt), Hamid Waheed (Norway)

September 24 to 28
6 pm to 9 pm
Studio Sheen
Unit 88, floor 8, Sarmayeh tower,
Gorgan, Iran.