Farsi Art Gallery Tour (Toronto)
Art Gallery of Hamilton (AGH)
Presentation: Sepideh Dashti
Program manager: Melika Hashemi
Theme: Familiar
Thursday, June 20, 2019

Our goal in organizing Farsi tours is to rejuvenate intersectionality within and beyond institutional settings by critically examining prevailing narratives and advocating for the use of our native language in public settings.

Sepideh Dashti is an MFA student at Western University in London, Ontario. Her artistic practice is connected to and inseparable from her cultural identity. She has found her voice, allowing her to communicate how it feels to be a female diasporic woman from Iran living in and responding to western culture. In her quest to assert her individual expression and artistic agency, she turns the lens on family, belief structures, and women’s place in society in both Iran and Canada. Using video, photography, and performance, her artwork is one of disclosure; she draws from her personal experiences to question social expectations and the self, impacting the process of identity formation.