Film Screening and Director Talk
Like a Shadow, Like a Thought
a documentary film about Marcos Grigorian
directed by Hamidreza Zeinali

Like a Shadow Like a Thought” is a kind of portrait documentary that tries to reveal an adventurous life of and pioneer Artist. This documentary is about an Iranian- Armenian artist whose name is Marco Gregorian (1925-2007). He was the third child of an Armenian family who had immigrated from Van to Kars during the carnage of Armenian people in 1915. Marco after learning how to paint in Kamal-al-Molk School in Iran went to Fine Arts academy of Rome, Italy in 1950 and he came back to Iran immediately after graduating in 1954. Some of his important efforts regarding to improve Iranian Modern Art were: establishing Static Gallery in Tehran as a center of gathering of young modernists, query about Iranian traditional art, compilation of tea house paintings and supporting of survivor painters of this style such as Hosein Gollar Aghasi and Mohammad Modabber.
– Representing of Iranian pavilion in Venice Biennale and refereeing in this Biennale in 1958.
– Supervision of graphic department of general directorate of fine Arts.
– Celebration the first Tehran Biennale.
– Founding of independent painters group with contribution of some other Iranian artists in 1975.
Marco was a teacher in University and an actor in cinema as well.
Some the most famous Iranian artists and critics have participated in this documentary such as:
Aidin Aghdashloo
Janet Lazarian
Sadegh Tabrizi
Javad Mojabi
Mohammad Ehsaei
Hossein Mahjoobi
Reza Bangiz
Mehdi Hosseini

April 24, 2019.
6:30 – 8:30 pm

Gaah-Art: Mozaffar Brothers st (between Enghelab st and Bozorgmehr st), No. 70, Block No. 3, Third floor, Flat No. 38.