/// Range (City and Future)
Time and place are two important parameters in human life that influence it in various ways. By building their societies over time, humans have created cities and gradually turned them into living entities. The passage of time causes cities to undergo a process. This process is worth contemplating for the position of human social existence.

Saye art gallery in collaboration with Foad Alijani

Exhibition artists:
Anima Ehtiat
Mahmoud Maktabi
Naghmeh Fakorzadeh
Reyhaneh Omidghaemi

December 22nd, 2017 to January 9th, 2018

Meta-Art (idea-performance art) / Anima Ehtiat
In relation to the issue of “cities of the future,” I contemplate “future art” within such cities. This art will inevitably influence the fabric of these cities and be influenced by future technologies. Therefore, I have named my project Meta-Art. The paradigm of Meta-Art is a new paradigm, but it is not the first time it has been proposed, and here I use it in a new interpretation.
Meta-Art refers to the process of creating an artwork between two or more minds. Imagine an artist creating a painting and transmitting it as waves to their audience. The audience would then perceive the painting in their minds and hang it on their walls. Here, the concept of reality takes on a new definition and is no longer an external matter; rather, the objective and the subjective have merged. The most important achievement of cities in the future might be that we face a transformation of reality not only in the realm of art but also in other aspects of everyday life.

[For this performance, the audience member initially sits in a chair facing the performer. The two chairs are placed opposite each other, allowing for simultaneous focus on oneself and the other. The performer selects a number between one and five. Only the performer sees this number, and the audience member sitting across from the performer is unaware of the chosen number. Both the audience member and the performer must attempt to communicate mentally so the audience member can guess the number.
In this performance, there is no physical contact. Both participants connect through focusing on themselves and each other, using alpha brainwaves to establish communication. In addition to guessing the number, I am interested in having the audience members share and record any other mental experiences that occur during the performance.]

Solitude (installation) / Mahmoud Maktabi

A Vision of a City (installation) / Naghmeh Fakorzadeh
The dead city contemplates the future, with a vision of the future rooted in its past. There is no hope, so I cannot disappoint you. Imagination is an image of impossibilities. There is no future, not even a small dream. The future is trapped in frozen time.

• Abeyance
• Ideas (video) / Reyhaneh Omidghaemi